Big Goals Require Resilience by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

We’ve all seen people who simply refuse to give up on getting what they want. These people continue to persevere against the worst of odds. To others, they may even seem foolish in their pursuits. Those with less resilience may see these people as “not knowing when to quit.”

Often, it is these people who reach the loftiest of goals and under the most impossible of circumstances. It is their resilience that helps them get there. The bigger the goal, the more resilience will help you. Bigger goals generally require a longer time to achieve, and there are often more failures before success is reached. Here are three ways resilience helps in reaching your biggest goals.

1. Resilient people learn from their mistakes. Seeing each failure as an opportunity to learn how to do better next time is critical when reaching for higher goals. The most dedicated and resilient people study their mistakes so that they improve with each new attempt to succeed.

2. Resilient people believe in themselves and their goal. One of the most important traits of resilient people is that they have confidence that they can reach the goals. It is this confidence that provides their resilience and that helps ensure that they will continue to move forward during challenges and obstacles.

3. Resilient people are ok with success taking time. Most people who reach lofty goals have a practical perspective on what is required to reach their goal. A musician who aspires to be a virtuoso doesn’t expect to reach this performance level in a few months.

Resilience offers many benefits, particularly when the bar is set high. The greater your goals, the more a resilient attitude can help you ensure that you take the time needed and put for the effort that is really required for success.