Baby Steps To Bold Achievements by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

One of the traits of a great leader is the ability to have bold visions about the future. Top leaders in any industry are those who “think big” and are willing to look at new ways to accomplish things, innovation, and the use of diverse methods to achieve their goals. Great leaders are not people who color in the lines or think within the box. They are true innovators, with a goal to make changes necessary to reach their goals.

The Big Goal Challenge

The one challenge of big goals is the scope of the change that has to occur. Committing to work towards a bold, new goal means taking on the big project that can seem overwhelming when taking the big picture view. Breaking this down into small, measurable steps is the most effective way to see success all along the journey.

Big goals can take years to achieve. They are not something that occurs overnight or even over a few weeks or months. Big goals require consistent work and commitment to the process to be able to make the necessary changes. However, by consistently making small steps in the right direction, the big goal unfolds on its own, all within a strategic framework.

The Importance of Milestone and Mile Markers

The analogy of taking a road trip is often used when setting big goals. Your destination is the goal, and the starting point is where you are now. Each town you pass through along the way is a milestone, a specific point along the road that helps you see you are closer to your destination.

Just as important on that journey are the mile markers along the road. You may not notice these mile markers as you are traveling, but everyone you pass is one mile closer to the goal. Additionally, if your vehicle breaks down out on the highway, the mile marker allows you to direct help where needed.

These mile markers on the highway are similar to baby steps in your achievement. Consistently meeting these mini-milestones or mile markers is essential to not only complete the journey, but to be aware of just where you are in the process.

Consistency in planning, working through issues, and addressing issues in sequence helps to lay the foundation for the big achievement. By taking the baby steps that allow for corrections in the journey, you never find yourself lost or dramatically off course.