Be More Curious by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

In the business world, you’re faced with challenges everyday. Some are routine, while others offer new problems and issues to be solved. It’s not unusual to get into a bit of a “rut” when it comes to solving problems, whether it’s always talking to the same advisers, always using the same vendors or always taking the same management approach.

It’s wise to rethink these habits from time to time, and it’s wise to do so without always having a specific agenda for it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to “be more curious” about other ways you might solve your current challenge. This doesn’t necessarily mean something is falling apart, nor should you wait until a process is falling apart or a major crisis has occurred to look at how you’re handling things. It just means you’re looking at the possibility of doing things in different ways on a regular basis.

Why is This Productive?

If things are working well overall, this exercise might seem counterproductive. However, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to make things better, especially as new programs and options become available. You might find something simple, like the ability to complete a process online that you once filled out by hand. Even though this might not be a big deal, it may save you 15 minutes of time every month. You may also find big things that can make a dramatic difference in your business, such as finding a whole new way to get leads for your sales team.

This exercise in curiosity will pay off by helping you to find new ways to solve problems and create new processes for your business. And, even when the exercise only confirms that you’re already doing something the best way, it helps you to keep challenging yourself.

The ability to adapt to a changing marketplace, changing technology and a changing economy is one of the greatest assets any business can have. Consistently challenging your ways of thinking and of doing things helps you to stay adaptable and ahead of the curve when it comes to change.

So, what will you challenge this week? Take a moment to look at the things you do every day and pick one or two to explore doing differently. Maybe it’s a simple as how you structure your weekly staff meeting or how you arrange your day. Just be curious……and see what happens.