Becoming a Self Defined Woman

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This book has been designed to be interactive. Included are exercises, coaching questions and plenty of blank pages to document your own personal journey. I would also encourage each of you to write your own book as well. I believe there is so much untapped potential in each of us and we are all capable of teaching and learning from each other.

selfdefinedwomancoverMy intention is to share with you the disciplines, rituals, attitudes and characteristics that have help shape me into the “SELF” defined woman I am today.

What is a “SELF” defined woman?


S = speaks authentically

E = exudes enthusiasm, energy and is engaging

L = leverages her strengths

F = freely chooses her path, responses and actions in life

A “SELF” defined Woman has a superior commitment to success and achieves results by demonstrating her power through:

SELF – Esteem – respect, worth, high regard, high values

SELF – Motivation- vision, driving force, inspiration and action, intrinsic

SELF – Expression – knows her strengths, core values

SELF – Leadership – set as an example, self discipline (integrity with word to self)

My wish for each of you reading my book is you develop in the ways that will be the most personally fulfilling for you.   That you use the stories, examples and exercises in this book as a resource and a source of inspiration to create more of the life you want.