selfdefinedwomancoverBecoming a Self Defined Woman

This book has been designed to be interactive. Included are exercises, coaching questions and plenty of blank pages to document your own personal journey. I would also encourage each of you to write your own book as well. I believe there is so much untapped potential in each of us and we are all capable of teaching and learning from each other. Read more…

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Ten Success Stories of Cutting Edge Coaching_Page_01Ten Success Stories of Cutting Edge Coaching

We all have dreams, but sometimes, life gets in the way and our dreams and goals get cast to the side. Later in life, we spend years in regret, wondering what could have been, and if we would have done things differently, perhaps our dreams would have been realized, and the path we followed would have led to alternate destinations. Download FREE Ebook Now!

Collaboration – Guest Chapter

byobcoverBYOB – The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss

More and more graduates are realising that traditional employment is not always the best option; its self-sufficiency! How do you get there? By studying the paths of successful entrepreneurs like Gloria Roheim McRae. Read more…


bookcoversmallBlind Spots

Why is it that some leaders achieve great success, while others struggle? In this guide in narrative form, Russell Baxter, a fictional character and outgoing CEO, shares his secrets of success with incoming CEO Amir Ahmed. Baxter demonstrates that great leaders need to be aware of their vulnerabilities or blind spots and take action to make necessary changes. Read more…