Bounce Forward by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

From the initial few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic to articles published today, the focus seems to be in planning to bounce back to our pre-COVID routines, business practices, and daily routines. While the phrase bounce back is familiar to most, it may not be what you, your business, and your family need to prioritize.

There have been significant changes in life since the spring of 2020. While these changes seemed strange and stressful early on, they have now become a part of life. While some of these changes, such as wearing masks and maintaining a six-foot social distance, are not going to continue into the long-term future, some of the changes are effective and should be kept and improved upon.

A great term for this is to bounce forward. Think of the bounce forward as a way to continue on with the innovations, changes, and upgrades to our lives that have occurred over this last year. Some of these changes have the power to expand our lives in ways that would not be possible if we all decide to bounce back.

Personal Interactions

Many people have a stronger connection to extended and immediate family, friends, colleagues, and even people around the world with similar interests. Focusing on making the time to send an email, chat online, or get in a Zoom meeting with coworkers, associates, clients, friends, and family has created the potential to reach out and show care and compassion for others.

It is also more common to use online video chat programs when talking to customers and business associates. This ability to see and hear people enhances relationships and builds stronger networks, all without the need to travel and be on the road.

Remote Work

Many types of businesses are still offering employees the option to work from home. In the past, businesses were hesitant to offer remote work opportunities for staff due to concerns with productivity, security, and communication.

One of the big takeaways or bounce forward moments for businesses of all sizes and types was the effectiveness of remote work. Offering this to employees will be instrumental in creating family-friendly workplace cultures that attract exceptional candidates looking for this option.

Streamlining Processes

Another bounce forward issue for many companies is the streamlining of processes throughout the business. Extra or unnecessary meetings, hundreds of hours in travel, the cost of flights and fuel, and even the distribution of printed material around the office has been eliminated.

This not only helped with productivity, but it also helped to reduce the operating costs. People discovered alternatives to the traditional way of doing business, resulting in a significant decrease in expenses and a greater level of efficiency.