Celebration, Reflection And Gratitude by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

As the end of the year rolls around, most leaders are busy planning for the new year. They are already considering organizational changes and improvements and looking towards trends, potential growth, and expansion in the new year.

While this is important work, this is also a time to focus on the accomplishments of the last twelve months. Taking this time to celebrate, reflect and be grateful for the opportunities you have had both personally and professionally is a wonderful way to energize, focus and set intentions for the new twelve months and beyond.


Celebrating can be private, or it can be public. It can be a family event or something you do with the team at work, or even something special you do for yourself. Celebrating is a way of recognizing hard work, commitment, and dedication in developing goals and staying with the plan, even when things get a bit bumpy.

Celebrations can take on many forms, but they should be joyous and a focus on the accomplishments of yourself and those around you. Verbalizing and identifying the successes and accomplishments is important, and it is instrumental in letting people know what they do matters.


It is easy to continually look at ourselves and see all the things we want to improve, or we want to accomplish. Over the holiday season, taking some time to reflect back on what you have done, the personal and professional growth you have experienced and the achievements that have occurred over the year is inspiring and motivating.

Reflections should be positive and focus in on your achievements, exceeding expectations, or simply trying something new and potentially a bit out of your comfort zone. Think about how that made you feel and how it has created new possibilities in your personal and professional life.


No matter how completely you prepare and plan for events in your personal and professional life, you also have to be open and receptive to opportunities that arise that may not be currently on the radar.

The most effective business leaders are always open to the possibilities in all situations. This is also true for personal relationships and being able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise builds spontaneity, fun, and potential.

At this time of year, think back on all the opportunities, planned or unplanned, that came into your life. Expressing gratitude for these occurrences is a great way to celebrate the season and to also acknowledge those that helped to make it happen.

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. Spending time on your work commute, running errands, or on a break to celebrate, reflect and show gratitude is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the sometimes-overlooked spirit of this time of year.