Everyone Is In Sales by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

As you work to improve your skills as a leader, it’s important that you gain the proper mindset regarding your role and your influence at work. To help you increase your awareness of how your behavior influences your business and your connections, consider yourself a salesperson, regardless of your actual title or role in your business.

We are always selling something, regardless of our actual job title. If you’re in customer service, it’s critical that you convince your customers that you can take care of their problems and that your company is the best company for them to do business with. If you work behind the scenes, you sell your skills to others in the company, letting them know that you can take care of the tasks assigned to you.

We are all selling to each other regarding our own value, as well. If you’re an employee, you regularly sell your boss on the belief that you bring enough value to his organization to merit the paycheck you receive each week. If you’re the boss, you are hopefully selling your employees on the idea that your company is a great place for them to have a career and that you are a mentor for them.

When we ingrain this sales mindset, we become more dedicated to emphasizing the positive aspects of our jobs and our lives. A good salesperson will focus on what’s good while looking for ways to improve what’s not working.

Another great benefit of thinking of ourselves as salespeople is that we may become more productive. Most salespeople are paid on commission, either as their entire salary or as a portion of it. When you are paid more for better performance, you tend to work harder. Believing you have to earn your keep every day may enhance your performance.

Start thinking about how you can sell your business, your value and your influence in small, everyday ways. This subtle sales mindset can help you to look at things more positively, be a better influencer, and work harder at the things that make you your productive best.