Getting Back on Track by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

January always seems to be a month when many of us have to “hit the reset button”. The holidays often seem to get us off track, but we meet the new year with new confidence and goals, but may wonder how to practically get ourselves back on track. Here are some tips you can use any time of the year.

  1. Pull out those goals and review. When we’ve gotten off track, we’ve likely stopped thinking about our goals on a daily basis. Reviewing your goals can help bring these back to the forefront of your mind, and help you renew your commitment to meeting them.
  1. Outline the tasks. Each goal has a specific set of tasks required to get you to the finish line. Writing down these tasks helps you create a plan. Once you’re finished, put your goals and tasks where you can see them every day.
  1. Use your calendar. Schedule your tasks just like you would any business appointment. This ensures you have time in your schedule, and makes you more likely to follow through. If you have to cancel a task at the originally scheduled time, move it to another time rather than removing it altogether.
  1. Be accountable. If you have trouble holding yourself accountable for doing what you need to do, get a buddy who will make you accountable. This little push is often all we need to ensure we don’t let important tasks slide. For example, many personal trainers recommend having an exercise buddy. You’re less likely to cancel your workout if you know someone else is counting on you to be there.
  1. Measure progress. It’s easier to stay motivated when we see progress. Don’t forget to have measurable goals and to take the time to see how far you’ve come.
  1. Set small goals so that you can have regular victories. Then, celebrate those victories as a way of keeping yourself motivated to do more.

Getting off track during the holidays is normal, and we all need some down time. To ensure you’re meeting your goals, however, it’s important to get right back on track when the fun is over.