Going the Extra Mile by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

The world is full of people who give the minimum amount required to any project. The desire to go above and beyond is lacking in many of the people you meet in your workplace, in the companies with which you do business, and even with your family members. The general lack of enthusiasm about impressing others can seem a bit depressing until you realize that others’ lack of desire to impress can make your work ethic and commitment to doing things right shine all the more. So, if you’ve fallen in with the rest of the crowd and become complacent; it’s time to start going the extra mile.

There are lots of ways to put in extra effort in your work life and your home life. When attending to customers, remember to ensure that you’ve double checked your work to ensure everything is done right and that you’ve been friendly and enthusiastic with your customer. Take the extra time to see if there are other products that might benefit your customer and look for ways to save them money, too. Compliment them on their outfit or spend a minute asking them about their day.

Treat your employees with little extra attention. Employees appreciate a boss who takes the time to get to know them personally, and who asks about their family from time to time. If you don’t know your employees well, now’s the time to learn more about them.

Go the extra mile at home, too. When it’s your turn to plan date night with your spouse, don’t plan the same humdrum dinner and a movie agenda. Go out of your way to find an unusual activity, and one that you know will particularly appeal to your spouse. When you go to your kid’s soccer game, don’t just show up, bring snacks and cheer loudly!

Others will definitely appreciate your efforts to impress. However, you’ll likely notice that you appreciate your efforts, as well. The knowledge that you’re going above and beyond in everything you attempt will make you feel great. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given one hundred percent to your job and to your family. It will likely put a little spring in your step and motivate you to continue to find other areas in which you’d like to excel.