Integrity in Your Commitments by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

As a busy person, you’re no doubt asked to do many things, from appointments with clients, to community events, and even family events may get added to your calendar without much thought. You may promise to get back to a client or employee within a certain amount of time. It is important that you do not make such commitments lightly, as being unable to honor your commitments may tarnish your reputation.

Stay Organized

For many people, the inability to keep commitments is not intentional, nor does it stem from a lack of concern. Rather, many people simply fail to stay organized, allowing commitments to slip through the cracks, or double booking themselves unintentionally. If this is your issue, take steps to find and use the tools you need to stay organized about your commitments. Use an online calendar that alarms you for appointments and commitments, making sure to consult it before you commit to an event. Use its reminders to keep you informed about commitments you make to clients on getting back to them with answers, just like you would for booking physical appointments. Once you begin to use this tool religiously, you will easily be able to prevent being over committed as well as prevent missing a commitment. When you see that you have too many things planned, reschedule or delegate something immediately, so that you don’t let anyone down.

What To Do When You’ve Missed a Commitment

 Even with the best of intentions and organization, you may find that you occasionally let something slip through the cracks. When this happens, it’s important to contact the other party right away. Reschedule immediately and make amends. If you owe a customer an answer, get in touch with them right away even if you still don’t have the answer, and reschedule for a new time. Being quick to act and sincere in your apology goes a long way to maintaining your integrity in this situation.

Being a person of your word is critical in the all our relationships. Keeping your calendar managed to help ensure you don’t overcommit will help you to stay organized as well as keep up with the true number of commitments you’re facing. Being quick to make amends when you do miss something will help you to maintain your reputation with integrity.