Motivation That Lasts by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

In the beginning of a new business venture, it’s easy to be motivated to get the job done. But, a bit later, when you’ve hit some bumps in the road, it’s common to find that motivation to be lacking. To keep your venture moving forward, even after setbacks, you’ll need to find that deep down motivation that lasts even through the bad times. Here are five things you can do to help ensure you have motivation that lasts.

  1. Have a true commitment. This tip addresses your commitment to the venture before it ever starts. The biggest influencer in being able to keep your motivation through the bad times is being truly bought into the project. This means taking the time to think the venture through and being certain it’s something you want to do before jumping in. This deep commitment will rescue you when things are hard.
  1. Keep the goal in the forefront of your mind. Document what is driving you to be successful in this venture. Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Are you looking for a particular recognition? Whatever the “prize” keep your eye on it. Put visual reminders in your office where you can see these every day, so that you never forget the goal.
  1. Have small, intermediate goals, too. Working toward a large goal takes time, and it’s easy to lose motivation over time. Have intermediate goals along the way to give you reasons to celebrate and help you see your progress.
  1. Have a support system. Cheerleaders are critical. Share your goals and the reasons behind them with your closest supporters. This way, they can help remind you why you got started, and why you need to keep going whenever you’re feeling down.
  1. Forget about Plan “B”. Sometimes the biggest reason to succeed is having no other option. If you have a “Plan B”, it might be getting in the way of you really focusing on “Plan A”. When you really need something to succeed, you tend to find motivation.

Big goals take time, grit and determination. It can be very easy to lose motivation during the hard times if you don’t have the coping mechanisms in place to combat the feelings of failure. Use these five tips to help ensure you can get back up and keep going whenever something knocks you down.