New Year, New Goals, Renewed Focus by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

The New Year is the time when we traditionally hit a little “reset” button on our lives. The symbolic tradition of making New Year’s resolutions and having an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality may be steeped in tradition, but it can be very good for us, as well.

Each of us needs a “mental reset” from time to time. Such a reset allows us to forgive ourselves for past failures and move forward with renewed enthusiasm.  This can happen any time we choose to make it happen, but many of us find it easier to do so in the company of others at this traditional time of year.

So, while everyone else is busy making their list of New Year’s Resolutions; make yours, as well. Focus on three things:

  • Letting go of habits or goals that are proving unproductive
  • Setting brand new goals
  • Resetting goals that fell by the wayside last year

You can benefit from evaluating all areas of your life and outlining changes you’d like to make in each area. However, at the end of the decision making process, it’s a good idea to end up with no more than three major goals for the next year.

When you have more than three important items, it can make it more difficult to actually reach any of the goals, as you are likely to get distracted. Many people choose to set one goal in each major area of life. For example, set one business goal, one goal for yourself personally, and one goal for a relationship or a hobby.

The New Year’s reset can be a great thing for your mind, allowing you to stop worrying about the things you didn’t do in 2106 and instead focus on what you will do in 2017.

Here’s to new beginnings in our personal lives and our business endeavors! Never underestimate the power of hitting the reset button at just the right time. This simple act can help you to move forward in all the areas where you’re ready to see more success.