Silence is Golden by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

As a busy professional, it’s a good bet that you always have a task or a problem vying for your attention. But, did you know that you may be negatively impacting your ability to effectively deal with those tasks and problems simply by letting too much come at you at once?

The workplace today is stressful, at best. Often times, however, we create more stress than need be by letting allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed and failing to give ourselves the down time we need. Here are some tips to help you manage your tasks and issues effectively and calmly.

  1. Take one thing at a time. At times, you may feel like you spend a lot of time putting out fires. But, even when the fires come at you in multiples, you can only put these out one at a time. Taking each issue on its own will allow you to think more clearly about it, leading you to make a better decision. In fact, by slowing down and making a better decision about that fire, you may prevent it popping up again.
  1. Use stress relief techniques. If you find that you feel stress or anxiety symptoms when dealing with a barrage of issues, use traditional stress relief techniques like taking deep breaths or meditating for a few minutes before dealing with the issue.
  1. Take time out. Don’t underestimate the benefits of taking down time. Business is busy, overwhelming and noisy, and can sometimes be overstimulating. Taking time to relax with your family, rest, and do the things that you enjoy can help you be better mentally prepared to deal with the next crisis when it arises. Schedule your down time just like you would an important meeting so that you don’t neglect it. Regular breaks provide the most benefit. These don’t need to be a week in Tahiti to be effective, either. A date night out or an afternoon spent on your favorite hobby is often enough, as long as it’s done regularly.
  1. Knowledge is power. Learn as much as you can about problems that are likely to arise in your business before these happen. When you’re well informed, and know the options for handling common situations before you’re faced with these, they will seem less overwhelming when they do arise.

By minding these tips, you should be better equipped to handle whatever problems your business throws at you, and to maintain your composure while doing so!