Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

When we’re working on self-improvement, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the changes we need to make, especially if we’re working hard already. However, it’s not usually necessary to make sweeping changes in order to reap big benefits. It’s amazing how making some small changes to your routine and priorities can improve your results. Here are some areas where you can begin with small changes.

  • Your priorities – If you leave work each day feeling like you didn’t accomplish the things you’d hoped; your priorities may be out of line. Start by categorizing your tasks into categories like “Must Do”, “Need to Do”, etc. Schedule time on your calendar each day for those “Must Do” items. Then schedule time to work on lower priority items, as well. If you stick to your schedule, you should at least be able to get those “Must Do” items completed each day.
  • Your schedule – If you feel like you’re running out of time each day, see if you can add one hour to your schedule. This could mean getting up an hour earlier each morning or taking a shorter lunch break. It’s important that you assign a specific activity or activities to this time frame in order to see the results. Do something you’ve needed or wanted to do but haven’t had the time. Scheduling everything on your calendar, and then working from your calendar each day will help with time management, too.
  • Your waste – Take an inventory of all the things you’re doing in a week and get rid of activities that are unproductive or unfulfilling. For example, if you belong to a group that you don’t enjoy, it might be time to give that group up and spend that time on something that will yield business results or personal fulfillment. Take a look at ways to streamline routine tasks, like running errands, so that these take up less time.

With a little time and thought, you can implement these small changes, as well as others that are important to you. Once you’ve put these changes into practice, you’re likely to see big results in your productivity, your time management and your personal fulfillment. Sometimes small changes really can equal very big, and very important, results.