From Shoe Shine Girl to Centre Stage

If you have ever said “I will do whatever it takes” to achieve something only to get stopped once you realized what that actually meant.  That is what Cindy said when she needed to take action to keep her new business going.  She will share her journey as a shoe shine girl and the lessons she learned along the way. Cindy learned first-hand what it meant to be “All In” and the resilience it took to keep going even when she didn’t want to.

She will share techniques and ideas to help shift your mindset to being unstoppable in reaching your personal goals.

“Cindy is a skilled and committed entrepreneur who shares her mastery during workshops, speaking engagements, coaching and consulting. Her focus, integrity and passion allow her to excel at whatever she puts her hand and heart to. I would recommend Cindy without hesitation.” Lori Douglas


THRIVE – The Keys to Lasting Resilience

Facilitator, coach, speaker, sales consultant and author, Cindy Stradling brings over 25 years of practical hands on business experience to her work.   This is where Cindy is today, not where she started.  She has developed unwavering resilience through her journey and has developed this program to show others how they can too.  As a single mother with very little education Cindy has faced many difficult life challenges and has developed the mental fortitude to keep going no matter what.  She returned to school as an adult and at times worked three part time jobs to make ends meet.  If she can do it so can you.

In getting from there to here Cindy has shined shoes, waited tables, cleaned houses and was a parking lot attendant, while building her business.  Undeniably, she knows firsthand what resilience is.  Her talks and programs are filled with real life stories and examples of how having the right mindset, anything is possible.

Cindy inspires others to be their personal best and keep moving toward their goals and gets how tough it can be to get started, stay motivated and ultimately prevail.

 “If you are in need of a dynamic and powerful keynote speaker, then look no further… Cindy Stradling is the lady for your next event! I listened to Cindy keynote at her annual Women’s Conference and also at our 35th Anniversary Toastmaster’s dinner. Both times, I was captivated by her powerful storytelling, delightful humour and skillful audience engagement style. She is an inspiring keynote speaker, trainer, and facilitator and she will leave your audience uplifted and wanting more. As a fellow speaker, I can truly say that Cindy is an absolute pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her any higher.”Laura Connor


Becoming a S.E.L.F.  Defined Woman

In this highly interactive keynote Cindy shares information and tools to empower you to be more of the woman you want to be, a SELF defined woman.

What does she mean by a SELF defined woman?  Cindy is talking about being in charge of your own life, in a way that empowers us as a woman but also respects the rights and voice of everyone we interact with.  A SELF defined woman is someone people listen to because they live life by their values and there is congruency in what they say and what they do.

Imagine the freedom defining success on your own terms!  Cindy will share techniques on how to define your own success.

“I have had the privilege to watch Cindy present as a keynote speaker on several occasions. Her presence, ability to engage her audience and make her topic relatable is exceptional. At a recent event (5th anniversary of the Women Moving Forward Conference) I witnessed Cindy give a dynamic talk that inspired a room full of women and motivated them to take action to improve their lives. It was the quiet ones in the room that had the courage to share what they were committing to do. It was Cindy’s ability that moved them. She is not only able to deliver a message but move an audience to make change. “Dorothy Lazovik