Leveraging Your Strengths

Ambitious people often spend a great deal of time working on improving their areas of weakness. This is a noble endeavor, and will help you to improve your skills and become a better leader. But, don’t make the mistake of spending so much time trying to improve in areas where you struggle that you forget to make the most of the areas where you shine. Leveraging the strengths you already possess is just as important as improving areas where you are not as adept. Here are some unique ways that leveraging your strengths can help you and your business.

Taking Appropriate Action

One primary sign of a good business leader is the willingness to take action when needed. Too often, problems languish due to a hesitation to make a definitive move forward. However, in addition to being willing to make a decision and take action, it is just as important for a leader to take the appropriate action at the time. Here are some tips to ensuring the action you’re about to take is the appropriate one.

Great Questions Get Great Results by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

Decision making can often be stressful for anyone. We are often concerned that we may not take all the facts into consideration or may not have the correct perspective on the issue at hand. One tip to help you ensure you make the best decision possible is to be certain you have asked all the right questions. Asking the right questions helps ensure you are best prepared to make the decision at hand. Here are some ways to ensure you’ve asked all the right questions before moving forward on an issue.