Taking Appropriate Action

One primary sign of a good business leader is the willingness to take action when needed. Too often, problems languish due to a hesitation to make a definitive move forward. However, in addition to being willing to make a decision and take action, it is just as important for a leader to take the appropriate action at the time. Here are some tips to ensuring the action you’re about to take is the appropriate one.

  1. Is it necessary? There are times when a problem doesn’t really require action. We may be tempted to take unnecessary action because we are upset or have a strong opinion on the situation at hand. But, before you make a move, consider how the scenario might play out if you do nothing. Sometimes, letting a situation resolve itself without your intervention is the best course of action.
  2. Is it well thought out? Once you’ve decided that it is important to take action, it is equally important that you take the right action. Look at all your options, and choose carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from those who will be affected by the actions you’re about to take.
  3. Is it timely? Taking action at the wrong time can be costly. Be certain to evaluate the timing of your action. The right move at the wrong time can be just as costly as the wrong move. This is especially true of situations that involve people who may be hurt or angry. Sometimes, a cooling off period will change perspective on the situation.

One of the marks of a great leader is the ability to make good decisions and move forward, even in times of uncertainty, and even when these decisions must be made quickly. However, even in the most urgent of times, it pays to take a minute and ask yourself the three questions mentioned above before you make a move.