Thank You – The Art of Manners by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

In today’s world, manners have become a lost art for some. The speed in which we move through our days has facilitated. Many people don’t know the most basic tenets of etiquette and don’t realize when they have failed to be gracious. Learning the art of manners can help you to stand out among the crowd, and help ensure you don’t offend the people around you. Here are some simple steps to help you improve your manners.

  1. Remember to acknowledge acts of kindness. You can’t say “thank you” too much. Acknowledge little things people do for you by calling them. Don’t take any kindness done for you for granted.
  1. Be a person of your word. When you commit to something; do it. If something gets in your way, and you absolutely can’t keep your commitment, be sure to give as much notice as possible.
  1. Be authentic. Being fake just for the sake of being mannerly doesn’t win friends or earn trust. Be who you really are and spend time with people you can honestly communicate with.
  1. Learn basic etiquette. Study simple things like table manners so that you don’t offend others when you attend functions. Bad table manners will make you stand out in a negative way.
  1. Reach out to others to show gratitude. If you have a client who gives you referrals, for example, offer them a token of appreciation for their loyalty. It isn’t necessary for the gesture to be grand, as long as it is sincere.
  1. Be generous. Acts of kindness are a show of good manners, too. Remember your customers at the holidays, and recognize your friends’ birthdays.

Manners are nothing more than the art of being civilized. Most people who lack manners aren’t trying to be rude. In most cases, it is thoughtlessness or ignorance that causes the rude behavior. Take the time to evaluate yourself on how mannerly or ill-mannered you’ve become. Then make changes to ensure you have good manners. Make sure you stand out as one of the people who remembers the art of manners.