The Importance Of A Mid-Year Check-In by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

If there is one year that has certainly provided its share of surprises, it is 2020. This year, business leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees have all gone through dramatic changes in their roles, workplace expectations, and even the location where they work.

This year, perhaps more than ever, a mid-year check-in is highly recommended. The opportunity to have some one-on-one time with colleagues, direct reports, and upper management provides people with a level of confidence and trust in the continuity of the organization and the need for ongoing professional development, even in unprecedented times.

Review of Goals

The main focus of a mid-year check-in is to understand where the individual is on her or his annual goal plan. While some things have changed due to COVID-19, many of the goals set by leaders and employees are still valid and achievable.

In some situations, the abundance of flexibility in working from home and the number of free or very low cost online training opportunities may have created options for expanding your goals. Individuals may find goals they assumed would take a year to complete are close to being accomplished.

With several months still to go, this check-in may be a time to consider adding supplemental goals. For example, an individual may have had a professional development goal to become more comfortable in the use of technology. Through the work-from-home policy, or the need to communicate with peers and direct reports working from home, online technology mastery for group and individual meetings may no longer be an issue of concern.

Modification of Goals

Unfortunately for many individuals, goals that were perfectly reasonable in January are no longer possible in July. Individuals who wanted to attend specific workshops or participate in various classes to earn a degree or a certificate may find these programs are canceled or rescheduled.

Other individuals may find the goals for making changes in the workplace are simply not possible due to the restrictions on the opening of the business. In these cases, modifications or adjustments to the goals to meet the reality of the world today make them more practical and efficient.

Positive Feedback

While leaders provide feedback and support for employees in meeting their goals throughout these check-in sessions, this is also an ideal time to provide personalized feedback.

Many managers, supervisors, and employees have gone the extra mile over the last few months, working in very challenging times and situations. Having one-on-one time to provide personal recognition for these efforts is a great way to show gratitude and appreciation for all the workforce has done.