THE SALES EDGE – Skill Builder Training Program

New to sales or seasoned pros will benefit from this interactive and intense three day workshop.  You will walk away with a proven sales process that jumps starts you and keeps you on the right path to success.

Day One – Mindset/Self Leadership/Blind Spots/ Communication/Building Rapport/Listening

You will…

  • Understand the attributes needed to be successful in sales and how to develop Personal Power.
  • Learn the differences between a Growth versus a Fixed Mindset.
  • Understand the elements that help build rapport and trust
  • Learn effective listening techniques
  • Learn effective oral and written communication techniques including a template for writing effective e-mails.

Day Two – Preparation/Prospecting/Follow Up/Uncovering Needs/Asking the Right Questions

  • Learn relevant techniques and tools for effective ongoing prospecting as well as explore various places/ways to prospect.
  • Learn techniques to deepen relationships with existing clients and develop a multi-channel process for prospecting including social selling.
  • Learn how to engage a client by creating curiosity and how to build credibility by asking diagnostic questions.
  • Learn how and when to ask the right open ended questions to better understand and/or develop the client’s needs and create a series of applicable open ended questions to use back on the job.

Day Three – Presentation/Handling Objections/Closing

  • Learn the importance of insight based selling and creating value with every client interaction.
  • Have a template on what you can do now and what you can be doing long term to collect and create valuable insights for your customers.
  • Learn best practices for Presentation of your Solution based on the identified and agree upon client need(s).
  • Understand the importance of client objections throughout the sales call and how to identify the spoken as well as unspoken objections and when and how to respond to them. You will walk away with logical powerful responses to each.
  • Learn the prerequisites that are needed to gain agreement, and continue to move the sale forward to a successful close.

Clients say it best….

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in The Sales Edge training program with Cindy and Sue. What I learned is that anyone can become an effective salesperson. It helped me learn where I was holding myself back by doubting that I could grow. I now see that sales is about serving my clients and helping them buy what’s truly of value for their businesses. The activities within the workshop make it practical and easy to integrate the strategies into my business. I find myself repeatedly referring back to and using the tools.  The investment in this workshop easily pays for itself and more!”  Susan Gregory, Facilitator, Coach

“I’ve just completed The Sales Edge training program and I have to say that it’s been a game changer for me. For the first time since I started my business 10 years ago, I get how to take a structured approach to connecting with clients — and, most important — how to make the sale! Thank you Cindy and Sue. Your program has made a huge difference for me!”   Suzanne Sherkin, Q.Med   Mediator