THRIVE: The Keys to Lasting Resilience Program

This 6 week program has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn about resilience and why it is important to develop coping skills in this area. As the world is becoming more complex it is more critical than ever that you learn new techniques to cope and thrive when challenges occur. In this highly interactive and engaging program you will learn techniques that will work for you personally. Over the six weeks you will have the opportunity to apply your learning immediately in your life and assess your progress as you move through the program. Resilience is the key to dealing with change, stress and adversity. We are constantly living with change – it is inevitable. With the right tools you can thrive in times of change. Very few people are successful on their first attempt in reaching their goals. People with resilience continue to move towards their goals regardless of any setbacks. They work through disappointment, frustration and failure. This course is designed to help you understand where you are now and where to focus to become more resilient in the weeks and months ahead.


By the end of the program you will learn techniques to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, adversity and challenges that occur in your life.

Participants say it best…

  • Cindy is an awesome facilitator! Took time to explain.  The course was very useful.
  • I really liked that “comfort zone” is not the same as “happy”
  • Eye opening to assess what hurts (criticism exercise)
  • Enjoyed this part (in reference to questionnaire) it gave me an opportunity to self-reflect on my behaviours
  • Good questions to help you determine your passion
  • Excellent, motivational and genuine workshop!



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