Vacations are a Must by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

With so many workaholics in the workforce today, it is easy to understand why some people equate “getting ahead” with working more hours. This philosophy may “look good on paper” and it doesn’t create a more productive workforce. There are many good reasons why people with a good work/life balance have more resilience. Listed are three good reasons why we all need vacations.

1. We are all replaceable. Too many people believe they can’t take time off because the workplace simply cannot function without them. In reality, this usually means that these people don’t do a great job of delegating or training others. When you plan to take time away from work, it is important to ensure that the most important duties are covered even when you are not there. This will give you peace of mind and able to relax and enjoy your time away.

2. People are more productive in the long run when the take regular vacations. Employees who are overworked are tired and less able to work as productively. Taking time to recharge your batteries away from work, you are able to work more efficiently and productively when you return. Also your attitude toward your job is better because you have sufficient time away from it.

3. You gain better perspective. Spending too much time at work, you may actually begin to lack clarity in evaluating situations and making important decisions. Regular time away lets you unclutter your mind and think things through in new ways, looking at different alternatives and possibilities. You are able to think more creatively about solutions, either while you are on your vacation, or right after coming back to work.

Regular vacations should be part of everyone’s annual plan, they help you build resilience. Whether you travel to an exotic location with your family, head out of town to visit relatives or plan to stay home to tackle some home improvement projects, regular breaks from the office are not only an important part of your personal life, but these can be beneficial to improving your performance after you return to work.