What Does it Mean to be Resilient? by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

We all need more than one positive character trait in order to be successful. Our willingness to take advice, be persistent and adapt are all critical to achieving your goals. Many experts have suggested, however, that there is one trait even more important than any of these. The trait that will most benefit you when you take on a serious professional or personal challenge is resilience.

Simply put, resilience is the ability to bounce back. It works side by side with persistence, but is quite different. Persistence refers to never giving up, while resilience is the trait that keeps you positive and ensures you don’t lose your passion for the goal.

People who have resilience not only focus on achieving their goals even if they have failed in the past. They are also more focused and because of those failures.

Resilience can take many forms in our professional and personal lives. It helps us continue to love an imperfect spouse even after he or she has hurt us. It keeps us believing that our children will turn out to be contributing members of society even after they have gone astray. Resilience prevents us from giving up on life being everything we want it to be.

To become more resilient, it requires having some failures to bounce back from. It also requires having an important goal that you are passionate to pursue. As you see persistence pay off, resilience becomes more natural. Like many other positive character traits; resilience is developed through trials in life and personal setbacks.

Once you’ve developed some resilience, you’ll find that you are happier simply because the failures in life don’t affect you so dramatically. You bounce back easier, with your eyes continually focused on your goal. Resilience is one character trait you must work to develop in order to realize your most important dreams.