What is Resilience Coaching? by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

Bill Gates and Michael Dell both employed executive coaches and the CEO of Johnson & Johnson has two executive coaches to take their companies to the next level. Yes, all of these people were good to begin with, but they became great because of individual coaching.

Athletes, actors, musicians, business executives, and top performers of all kinds have been using life coaches to greatly improve their performance for decades. Michael Jordan had a “shooting” coach (among the other 5 coaches he used) to win 6 championship rings and untold MVP awards. Tiger Woods used a “swing” coach before he won the four consecutive major golf tournaments. Mariah Carey partnered with a “vocal coach” to go triple platinum with 7 different albums, selling over 160 million records. The coaching process is not limited to athletics or personal training. Life coaching assists you in unleashing your best in your professional, personal and spiritual life.

We all want happiness and there isn’t just one secret or key to happiness. Like caring for the physical body, you need a variety of vitamins and nutrients, not just one or two. The conscious decision to seek happiness in a systematic manner such as coaching can profoundly change the rest of your life forever.

Resilience coaching helps you identify what’s really keeping you from achieving your goals and create a plan of action to keep you moving forward regardless of life’s ups and downs. You become unstoppable. A great coach brings out the best in you the same way that an athletic coach will bring out the best of the athlete in the sports arena.

It is imperative that you are comfortable with your coach, as it is a highly confidential, trust based relationship that often lasts for years. This unique relationship requires your commitment and focus, and an open, non-judgmental listening of the coach. You are responsible to create your own results. The reason coaching works is because you choose your own answers and implement your own actions. The coach provides the support, guidance and tools to keep you going towards your goals, no matter what.