Program Offerings

Resilience is the key to having the fortitude to grow your business and deal with all the changing situations as an entrepreneur. We are constantly living with change, it is inevitable.  Our modern world is complex and people are finding it harder and harder to meet their daily challenges and achieve their sales goals.  With the right tools you can thrive in times of change, in fact having sales  skills is what is needed in complex times.  Very few people are successful on their first attempt to reaching their goals – it takes resilience to get up and show up again. People with resilience continue to work towards their goals regardless of any setbacks and work through disappointment, frustration and failure.


The Sales Edge

New to sales or seasoned pros will benefit from this interactive and intense three day workshop.  You will walk away with a proven sales process that jumps starts you and keeps you on the right path to success.

THRIVE: The Keys to Lasting Resilience

This program helps you develop new coping techniques and equip you with the tools needed thrive when life throws you a curve ball. Resilience is not about how hard we get hit but how much can you get hit and keep moving forward.


In addition to the THRIVE in class program, certified coach Cindy Stradlng offers one-on-one individual THRIVE: Resilience CoachingShe uses coaching techniques to support you as you move through difficult challenges with ease. Clients confirm once you start working with Cindy, it will be clear you have embarked on learning that literally changes your experience of life.