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This program has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about resilience and why it is important to develop coping skills in this area. As the world is becoming more complex it is critical that people learn new techniques to cope and thrive when challenges occur.

In this highly interactive and engaging program participants will learn techniques that will help them deal with day to day challenges with more ease.

Resilience is the key to dealing with change, stress and adversity. We are constantly living with change – it is inevitable. With the right tools we can thrive in times of change. This course is designed to help participants understand where they are now and where to focus to become more resilient in the weeks and months ahead.

There several delivery options available:

  • Individual one hour sessions (i.e.: lunch and learns)
  • Mix and match (pick the timing and topics that best suit your employee’s needs)
  • 6 week program ( 2 hours each)
  • 12 week program (1 hour each)


By the end of the program participants will learn techniques to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, adversity and challenges that occur in your life.


Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
MINDSET/ AWARENESS Overview: Participants will learn what mindset is, the two types of mindsets, their own mindset and how their mindset can impact results. Participants will learn how attitude can impact mindset and how to choose positively. Participants will learn the four phases of resilience so they can quickly move through to the growth phase when dealing with difficult situations. We all have six human needs and we will explore these needs.
MANAGING EMOTIONS Overview: Participants will understand what triggers are, how they are connected neurologically to what we do and how to positively respond to them. Participants will learn the seven different anger styles and what happens in the brain when they are angry. The participants will identify their personal anger style and explore healthy responses. Participants will learn about Conversational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence and why it is important in their lives.
Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
DAILY RITUALS Overview: Participants learn how habits form in the brain. Participants will identify some of their healthy and not so healthy habits. They will learn how some of their triggers get in the way of their performance and learn techniques to manage both behavioural and emotional triggers. Participants will create new rituals that will help them to form new productive habits.
TAKING ACTION Overview: Participants will learn the connection between taking action and happiness. They will identify the steps required to build velocity and become unstoppable in reaching their goals. Participants will learn the importance of having support tools and create their own structures to keep them on track and in action.
Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
SUPPORT TOOLS Overview: Participants will identify where structures are missing in their life and how to create support systems to keep them going no matter what. They will learn the importance of tracking progress and how to get back on track when the veer off. Participants will create a structure with metrics for an important goal.
SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS Overview: Participants will learn the importance of supportive relationships to their overall health. The will review current and past relationships to determine if there are any that they could improve on and create a plan to take action. Participants with learn the importance of volunteering and how taking care of themselves serves everyone.
Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
FOCUS Overview: Participants will learn why multi-tasking doesn’t work and the true toll it takes on productivity. They will learn and experience the power of a single focus. They will learn that we have a finite amount of energy and how to best use their personal energy. Participants will learn why willpower is not sustainable and what actually works.
GOALS Overview: Participants will learn how having goals increases resilience. They will explore how fear (conscious and unconscious) can stop them. They will participate in an exercise that will help them identify a fear and create a plan to move through it. Participants will learn the difference having a passion can make in their life and the achievement of their goals.
Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
YOUR HEALTHY BRAIN Overview: Participants will learn ways to keep their brain healthy. They will learn why getting adequate sleep is critical for good health and learn ways to get a better night’s sleep. Participants will learn the negative effects of sugar on the brain and what can be done to maintain a healthy brain. They will learn the positive effects that having a sense of humour has on quality of life and longevity.
UNDERSTANDING STRESS Overview: Participants will learn the 5 types of stress and the negative effects this stress has on their minds and bodies. They will learn the type of stress they are most prone to and learn stress releasing techniques. Participants will learn how they personally react to change and learn tools to help them move through the discomfort of change more quickly.
Click on each tab to view the overviews of each individual module:
COMMITMENT Overview: Participants learn that commitment is needed to develop the mindset, habits, and skills needed to succeed in achieving their goals. They will learn how commitment is linked to resilience. They will learn how a commitment to small changes over time can change neuro pathways in their brain and transform their life.
MINDFULNESS Overview: Participants will understand the meaning and benefits of mindfulness. They will have an opportunity to experience mindfulness in class. Participants will identify the many benefits of being mindful and identify where it will help in their day to day interactions with others.

By the end of the program you will learn techniques to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress and adversity.


Stand Alone

1-hour sessions
(ie: lunch and Learns)

Mix and Match

selective sessions

Series of 6

2-hour sessions

Series of 12

1-hour sessions

Participants say it best…

  • Cindy is an awesome facilitator! Took time to explain. The course was very useful.
  • Enjoyed this part (in reference to questionnaire) it gave me an opportunity to self-reflect on my behaviours
  • Excellent, motivational and genuine workshop!
  • The workbook is very useful, great topic!
  • Loved the real life examples

Feedback after 3 months of attending THRIVE: The Keys to Lasting Resilience

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