Getting Ready For 2019 by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

While you may be in the mode of just getting through the 2018 holiday season, this is actually a great time to take stock of what you are doing well, what you want to stop, and what you want to add.

This is a fun type of exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere. It is recommended you take some notes to help yourself in setting measurable goals and tracking your personal and professional growth and development, but right now you just need to focus on the areas of change.

To help get started, here is a simple format for how to approach this activity. You can change, modify or adjust it to meet your needs, and there is no specific order to address these issues. Some people like to start easy and move to harder areas of focus, while others like to start with a challenge and finish with the easier option.

Start Doing

The start doing category is full of brand new things or things that have dropped off the radar over the last year and are no longer in practice. These can be personal things, like scheduling a date night with a partner or a spouse every two weeks, or professional things like completing a certification or committing to working on networking or social media presence.

Look for both short and long-term activities that can be clearly identified and set into measurable, attainable goals. They should be relevant to your personal or professional life and provide you with something of value.

Stop Doing

Taking an honest look at what you are doing that has limited or no return on your investment over the past year is a great gift to yourself. These are often the energy-drainers that are bogging down your time, limiting your passion, and causing you to feel demotivated. Sometimes these may not be things that can be eliminated from your work, but they could be delegated to someone else.

By eliminating unproductive, unhelpful and inefficient behaviors and activities, you will find the time to take on the tasks you have listed in your “start doing” category.

Continue Doing

This is always a favorite category for people in both personal and professional areas of their life. This is where you list all the things you are doing that are effective, positive, and productive.

It is not necessary to list them all, but focus in on the ones you see as the most critical both at work and in your personal relationships. Reminding yourself of the importance of continued focus on these plans creates motivation, inspiration, and determination to continue to grow, develop and