Great Questions Get Great Results by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

Decision making can often be stressful for anyone. We are often concerned that we may not take all the facts into consideration or may not have the correct perspective on the issue at hand. One tip to help you ensure you make the best decision possible is to be certain you have asked all the right questions. Asking the right questions helps ensure you are best prepared to make the decision at hand. Here are some ways to ensure you’ve asked all the right questions before moving forward on an issue.

  1. Did you talk to the people who will be most involved? Often, the people who will carry out the day to day tasks or live with the day to day consequences of the decision you’re about to make will have a different perspective on the situation. Have these people give you the questions they would ask – you may be surprised at the new perspective you receive with this simple step.
  2. Did you consider both the best and worst case scenario that could come from the positions you’re considering? Rarely do we see either the best or worst case scenario come to fruition. What actually happens usually falls somewhere in the middle, between the two. But, by considering both ends of the spectrum, you’ll be better prepared for the eventual outcome.
  3. Did you question the timing? Sometimes, we feel rushed to make a decision that doesn’t really need to be made just yet. Sometimes, we make a decision that never really needed to be made. One question you should always consider is whether this is something that you need to take a stand on, or should you just let the situation play out.
  4. Did you question the details? The old saying that “the devil is in the details” is quite true. One tiny detail you failed to consider could be the difference between the right and the wrong result.

It always pays to take a little time to ask the right questions. Not only will you make a better decision for having done so, but you will feel more confident in the decision you made and be better informed about the situation, and the results you can expect.