Thank You To All Frontline Workers by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

Perhaps one of the many changes to come from this unprecedented pandemic is the ability to express appreciation and gratitude to people we have taken for granted in the past.

Today, thanks to the heroic efforts of frontline workers in police departments, fire departments, hospitals, and healthcare centers around the country and around the world, people are getting the help, food, and supplies they need to survive. However, in today’s world, other professionals and individuals are also providing essential services as true frontline workers against the coronavirus.

Frontline workers now include those keeping transportation services open so individuals can get to medical treatment and grocery stores, as well as those risking their own health and safety to keep shelves stocked and grocery stores open and providing food for the community. They are also the restaurant workers, the trash collectors, the school staff, and the food bank workers who are going to work every day to help others. They include the staff of FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service, who are making sure orders are delivered for those who cannot get into stores or are at home under quarantine.

There are also all the people behind the scenes that are required for the frontline workers to do their jobs. This includes the dispatchers and medical assistants, the janitors, and the processing and manufacturing plant employees. They are the social workers, community service workers, and volunteers that are delivering meals and ensuring the vulnerable in the community have food, shelter, and access to medical services.

Show Your Gratitude

Finding ways to express our gratitude to these people at this time, as well as in the future, is something we can all do. Saying thanks, recognizing a person for their service and help on social media, or sending in a review to a company or agency all help to highlight how these people are making a positive difference in a very difficult time.

It is genuinely with heartfelt gratitude that I thank all of these frontline workers and true heroes. It is hard to express just how much we all rely on your services, and how you have not only met this need but exceeded what was required.

There are several ways to donate to different organizations that are providing gift baskets or care packages to those deemed essential workers. Small donations of just a few dollars can quickly add up to provide gift baskets, PPE (personal protective equipment), or even gift cards for take-out meals that make frontline workers’ lives just a bit easier.

Take the time today to express your gratitude for these frontline workers. Do it safely and following social distancing protocols, but find a way to do it. Leave a thank you note, say thank you to the store clerk, get involved in community support efforts, and get creative in ways to show your appreciation for these essential service providers.