The Importance Of Family Time by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

I sustain myself with the love of family.”

~Maya Angelou

There are few things in life that are as complicated but also as precious as our relationship with our families. Families come in many different shapes and sizes, and they include people with different opinions, ideas, priorities, values, beliefs, and areas of focus.

For all their differences, families are also the one consistent measure in the lives of many people. Jobs may come and go, friendships may become more distant or end, but typically, at some level, our relationship with our family is something we can count on through thick and thin.

Spending Time with Family

It is easy to become focused on being the best you can be in the workplace. So often it seems as if the expectations we place on ourselves, as well the expectations from those up the corporate structure, negate the importance of spending time with our loved ones.

It can also be difficult to find time to squeeze in family time with all the obligations you have outside of work. There may be organizations you volunteer with, commitments to community events, or household tasks that need to be done.

However, missing out on family time can create a void in your life. It is a time when you feel that connection, that sense of belonging and acceptance, and the love and care from people who are important in your life. These family bonds are not always the same, and there may be family members that are more challenging to spend time with, but finding the time to be around family members that are near and dear builds in that sense of identity and support that is needed for self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of self-identity.

Mental Wellness on Demand

Spending time with people of different ages, from kids through to grandparents or aging parents, is also positive from a mental health and wellness perspective. Different individuals in the family fill different needs. This includes how being a loving parent to a child or finding a sibling to talk to during challenging times helps us to feel there is a safety net and support network around us.

Stress Reduction

Quality, positive interactions with family members provide the opportunity to talk about challenges, address stressful situations, and get feedback and assistance with finding a solution to the problem, issue, or challenge.

Conversations with a trusted and respected family member are a great way to unburden problems and discuss stressful situations in a safe, comfortable setting. This quality time can be in-person, or it can be time spent together online. It is the quality of the regular, loving, connection that is critical to the importance of family.