The Lessons of Adversity by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

We all go through difficult times, and often when we’re experiencing these difficulties, we can’t possibly imagine how any good could come from them. However, whether it’s business or personal struggles, there are always great lessons that come from adversity. As you’re facing troubles, take comfort in these four great things we gain from facing adverse situations:

  1. Adversity makes us resilient. The old saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true. We gain strength from each trial, making us better able to face new trials as they come along. This strength will help us to continue to persevere to meet our goals. Each time we make it through something, we know we can make it through something else.
  1. Adversity makes us think about things differently. When we face difficult challenges we have to question our traditional thinking patterns. These extraordinary challenges require extraordinary problem solving skills, helping us to broaden our minds and learn new ways to handle problems.
  1. Adversity makes us grateful. If every pursuit is easy and every day is sunny, we lose appreciation for the good things and the things that do come easily. Troubles make us appreciate the good times even more and make us grateful for those who support us in good times and bad.
  1. Adversity brings wisdom. As we go through challenges, we gain experience and wisdom that help us avoid challenges in the future or know better how to manage those that come. Often, our adversities are of our own making, but pushing through them gives us the wisdom to avoid similar mistakes later.

It can be difficult to remember the great lessons that adversity brings when we’re in the middle of a challenge. But, as we look back on the many challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them, we begin to see how those troubles have shaped who we are.

Each adversity brings new strength, and makes us think “outside the box” once more. For our struggle, we are rewarded with accomplishments and wisdom to help us meet even greater challenges, along with gratitude that allows us to appreciate all we do accomplish.