Volunteering is Good for the Soul by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

Being a business leader requires a lot of your time; so much, in fact, that you may think it’s impossible to add anything else to your plate. However, you might be surprised to learn that time spent volunteering can actually improve both business results and you as a business leader.

Volunteering does several things for you as a business leader. It will increase your visibility in your community and may drive customers to your door. You’ll find that many people are passionate about supporting local businesses who take an interest in the community. It will also give you the opportunity to meet other community leaders and network with them. You may learn more about the pulse of your community by interacting with others who volunteer, and by finding out about the needs in the community.

Volunteering helps you as a business leader by exposing you to other ways of running an organization, as well. You might be surprised at the tips and tricks you can learn from working with a volunteer organization. Most organizations like these are extremely organized and efficient, as this is a requirement when you work with a primarily volunteer staff who comes and goes irregularly. Many tasks must be organized in a way that these can be performed by many different people. This sort of task organization could be helpful to you.

All of these benefits can help you as you grow your business. However, the most important benefits you’ll gain as you spend your time volunteering are personal ones. The satisfaction you’ll feel from helping in your community will give you confidence, and will likely reduce your stress level, as well. Many people report that volunteering also helps them to focus on the most important things in life. Volunteering can provide some needed balance for those who spend too many hours working.

As you choose the organizations to which you’ll give your time, think about your passions. Volunteer in areas where you have expertise, but also in areas where you feel a real connection to the organization’s purpose. Think, as well, about organizations that have a real need for the experience and skills you can provide.

In the beginning, it may seem hard to work regular volunteering into your already busy schedule. But, once you’ve experienced the enormous benefits that volunteering can bring to you as both a business leader and a human being, you’ll be happy to make it a priority in your life.