One-On-One Coaching

Personal one-on-one  coaching is recognized as the single largest contributor to sustainable change and building resilience.  Having a coach can profoundly affect the results you achieve in both your personal and professional life.  The only difference between personal and professional coaching is the focus. The clients I work with develop the self awareness and resilience to manage life’s ups and down with ease.

My “sweet spot” is coaching entrepreneurs who want to double their sales.  With 25+ years experience in sales I have learned some powerful business development skills that can help any business grow!

What coaching IS:

  • An interactive process that supports individuals to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Guidance for clients to clarify their vision
  • A tailored system to meet the unique needs of each individual
  • A structure where the coach uses a variety of tools to assist the client in setting and achieving  their goals
  • One-On-One coaching is highly personalized

What coaching IS NOT:

  • Coaching is NOT therapy – it is a support system to help move individuals to create greater results in their life and help them stay the course when unplanned things happen

Each coaching session is unique and customized to your needs. There is a clear understanding at the beginning of the session of what the expected outcomes will be for each session. There are many questions, exercises and tools that are used throughout the coaching process.

Coaching is an investment of your time, energy and money.  It is also the most powerful way to hold yourself accountable and have access to new ways of creating results. Sessions are typically conducted on the telephone with e-mail access between sessions.  Face-to-face sessions are also available. There are several coaching packages available to meet your specific needs,


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