Going Above And Beyond by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

One of the hallmarks of a top sales professional is a person who looks for ways to create additional benefits and value for their clients. These are people who genuinely see their role as one of helping others without the expectation that there is something in it for their personal gain.

There are also companies that make it a mission to provide more for their clients than just sales. There are multiple ways to do this in sales that can be done on an individual level or across the entire company.

Think About Needs

If all you are thinking about is selling your products and services, you are not thinking about making your client’s life better. It is important to look for ways to add value to the purchase for your client.

This is also known as anticipating your client’s needs. What do they still want or need after they have purchased your product or service? How can you make that easier for them? What solutions can you suggest for their benefit, even if the solution is not directly related to your offer?

Making a Follow Up Call

A follow-up call to get feedback and offer support for a client is very different than a second sales call. Make it a point to follow up on the sale without any intention of making another offer or suggesting another product.

Take the time to listen to the feedback from the client. This information, both positive and negative, can be used to improve the client’s experience in the next transaction. It is very likely to apply to other clients as well, helping a company to continually improve their level of service and support.

Really Know Your Clients

Taking the time to listen to clients and build rapport is essential in knowing how to anticipate and offer things of value. In taking the time to make the human connection, great companies, teams, and individual salespeople create a culture of valuing their clients.

These clients know they can call on the sales rep, customer service team, or contact person and get results. Not only is the immediate problem solved, but the client is taken into consideration. This could include a follow-up call to make sure everything was resolved or sending a gift basket, gift certificate, or a handwritten note to touch base and personally recognize the client.

Going above and beyond is more than just an idea. It is a driving force in top sales teams and companies that keeps everyone looking for ways to do more and do things better.