The Value Of Gratitude, Appreciation, And Thank You by Cindy Stradling CSL, CPC

The end of the year is always a bittersweet time. There are things that have been accomplished, and perhaps there have been opportunities lost. There have been major breakthroughs, and probably some heartbreak as well.

This can be on a personal and professional level. Often, these two aspects of life intertwine, with some work colleagues being instrumental in the achievements we have reached, but also in the overall performance of the department, or perhaps for the company.

At this time of year, there is a very real and often underused opportunity to reach out to colleagues and those we work with to express our gratitude, appreciation and just to say thank you for what they have done. This is not just sending a corporate holiday card in the mail or dashing off a quick email, but rather it is a way to express, on a personal level, how people have helped you to achieve your goals and create your success in 2019.

A Look Back

A great way to start this process is to take some time and consider what has been accomplished, from your perspective, in the past year. In some cases, this may be something tangible, like a sales record or bringing in a new client. In other cases, it may be someone who took the time to mentor you in a difficult situation, or who provided some insight or advice that helped you to make the best possible decision.

Of course, this is not just limited to within your company. It is also a time to think about the vendors and suppliers, or perhaps the consultants and outside experts who helped you to achieve your goals. It may also be a look at the customers that helped your business to grow and perhaps trusted you and ordered a new product or service that allowed you to move your business forward.

Saying Thank You

With a list of people you wish to acknowledge, the next step is to think of how you want to show your gratitude and to say thanks. This does not need to be a big item or some extravagant gesture, but it should be something that is meaningful and from the heart.

Make sure to identify why you are grateful and what they did for you, or how they helped you or your company. With this information, you can write a meaningful, personalized holiday card, make a phone call, or send an email message that conveys a lot more than just the typical holiday greeting.

Expressing your gratitude, appreciation, and thanks to others is a terrific experience. It is also a way to make those around you feel recognized and valued, which is something this is especially relevant at this time of year.